The Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Computer Science at Yale University is James Aspnes. See here for contact information and the calendar below for office hours.

Mailing list

Majors in Computer Science, Computer Science and Mathematics, Computer Science and Psychology, and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science are strongly encouraged to sign up for the cs-majors mailing list.

A second mailing list cs-majors-jobs is used for job postings that may be of interest to CS majors. Membership in this list is optional and independent of membership in the cs-majors list.

Peer Tutor and Undergraduate Course Grader positions

The department is hiring Peer Tutors and Undergraduate Course Graders. If you are interested, you can find an application form here.

Information about academic programs and classes


Web sites for various relevant organizations

Career planning resources

Advice from majors

DUS and faculty resources


Office hours are in AKW 401. They may be subject to change. If you have an issue that can be resolved by email, I recommend email.

If you have an issue that can’t be resolved by email and you can’t make it to my open office hours, please send me email to make an appointment.