What "First" Programming Courses Are Offered?

The Department of Computer Science offers a range of "first" programming courses: Of these only CPSC 201 and CPSC 223 count toward the computer science majors.


Which "First" Programming Course Should I Take?

If you have If you fall between these levels of preparedness, shop both courses. If you enroll in the more advanced one but a week or two later feel that you have overreached, you may be able to switch to the less advanced one. (But check with both instructors before you enroll to ensure that you have this option.)


How Can I Major in Computer Science?

The Department of Computer Science offers five majors: Each major program not only provides a solid technical education but also allows students either to take a broad range of courses in other disciplines or to complete the requirements of a second major. For more details, see the descriptions in the links to the Yale College Programs of Study above.


What Other Advice Do You Have For Prospective Majors?

Here are some do's and don'ts: If you have questions about the advice above, contact the adviser for the Classes of 2024 and 2023, Stan Eisenstat.


How Can I Get More Information/Advice?

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